Personal Financial and Life Coaching

Welcome back 3


There was once a strapping young man with muscles that rippled over his whole body who was known as the strongest man in the county. Once he was challenged at the county fair to a test of strength by a skinny old man. The old man bet that he could break a bundle of hickory stick into two piles (every good Tennessean knows the strength of hickory) and that the young strong man couldn’t. The rash youngster accepted the bet. So a choice number of hickory sticks were tightly bundled and the contest began. The old man sat down to watch the youngster go first and fail. The poor young man was sweating, bruising his knee, and making himself miserable, but alas, he was not able to break the bundle of sticks. The old man stood slowly, stretched himself, walked over to the bundle, untied it, and broke the sticks one stick at a time with ease. The old man and his wisdom were the talk of the county fair. (from the book “When Life Throws You a Curve Ball, Hit It” by Criswell Freeman)

My friend, this is exactly how you are going to continue down your road to Financial Freedom God’s Way, one stick (step) at a time!

Well, here we are–the Lord and you and I are about to enter the world of “Personal Financial and Life Coaching”. Some of what you will see and do will be somewhat different from what you experienced in the Seminar and Workshop. For example

  • Rather than having video times together, the Lord and you and your coach (that would be me, Bob, for now) are going to work one-on-one-on-one.
    • Why? Because now it’s time to get all that the Lord has given you during your Seminar and your Workshop up and operating in your life–everything will be personalized and customized to meet your very specific financial needs.
    • How will we do that? By meeting on Skype as part of your Review and Look Forward Sessions for each Module (please make sure you have Skype on your computer if at all possible). We will also “meet” using the telephone and/or emails. You and I will have as many “meetings” as we need as often as you need to make sure you get all the coaching you need.
  • Notice the left-hand side-bar.
    • First is the “Pre-Coaching Steps” Module–you really do need to learn to crawl before you can walk.
    • Then you see seven “Coaching Steps”. Each Coaching Step will have several Sessions to include Scripture Memory, a Review and Look Forward, at least one detailed topical “Special Report” report, and at least one “Meet With Bob” Session.
    • You will find that these Coaching Steps will parallel Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps PLUS you will receive a lot more detail that you and I will mold into a financial model that fits your specific financial needs.
  • Except for this very first time together, your Sessions will not include any videos, audios, transcripts or Power Point handouts. Rather, each Session Page will outline specific actions that you and I will work through together.
  • You will have only one Log to maintain. Throughout our coaching times together you will be asked to
    • Record Irreducible Minimums, and
    • Record SMART goals for those Irreducible Minimums.

One thing for sure has not changed. Learning to live on less than you make while you are moving down the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way is no picnic–it will require time and work on your part. There are still no quick fixes. But rest assured, the Holy Spirit and I will be right along side you as you learn and apply Bible-based financial principles and applications AND as you learn to help others do the same!

Now, before you move into the “Pre-Coaching Steps” and beyond, it’s critical that you recheck your rear view mirror. Why? My friend, for you to effectively continue down your personalized road to Financial Freedom God’s Way, you must have a secure grasp of EVERYTHING God has given you so far. All you have yet to do will be an extension of everything you’ve already done. Therefore, to help the Lord and you keep your spiritual and financial foundation secure and strong so the three of us can build your personal spiritual and financial “building”,

  • First, please re-watch the video below.
  • Second, your Seminar and Workshop User Name and Password are still active so you can go back and review as often as the Lord and you decide.
  • Finally, and most importantly, please remember to keep this whole process in prayer.

So, please

  • Pray,
  • Review the video,
  • Complete your Blog Assignment,
  • Check in with the Prayer Team,
  • Move right into the “Pre-Coaching Step” Module, and all the while
  • Expect God to move in your Spiritual and Financial life in a mighty, mighty way to His glory!

You and I will be “talking” together soon.

Blessings my friend,