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Question: Why do most folks take Bible-based and/or secular-based financial seminars, workshops, etc. and still tend to crash and burn financially? Answer: Because they are not fully trained!  

Question: According to the example Jesus used, how can you best become fully trained?  Answer: You must “Learn It, Live It, and then Lead Others To It

Question: What can you expect from us as you “Learn It, Live It, and Lead Others To It?  Answer: “2nd Mile Service.”  Going the second mile comes from the Bible in Matthew 5:41 where Jesus says, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles”.  In ministry, as it is in life, there are certain expectations that people have: be nice, work hard, be ethical, say “please” and “thank you”. Those are things we should all do because it’s “just right”. It’s the ante. It’s expected. It’s obligatory and most times a compulsion that takes very little effort. It’s the first mile. The second mile “ups the ante”. It’s the above and beyond. It’s under-promising and over-delivering. It’s prayerfully getting to know you. It’s carefully reading your Academy Application to see what you value, your dreams, and your hopes. It’s both sending personal emails and checking in with you on the phone or Skype. It’s helping you work through a financial crisis even before you get to Phase 3. It’s responding to your Blogs, Prayer Requests, and Praise Reports. It’s adding value to you by holding nothing as proprietary–giving you  downloadable teaching transcripts, handouts and Power Points to use for yourself and to share with others. Going the second mile means living out the Golden Rule and putting you before yourselves in a world that is all too often about “me, me, me”.  This is the “2nd Mile Service” you can expect of our entire Academy Team as the Lord, you and we prayerfully work through the Academy together.

Below are the titles and descriptions of each of the four sequential Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy Phases prayerfully designed to help you
“Learn It, Live It, Lead Others To It”
Don’t try to take any short cuts.  It’s been said that the longest distance between two points is a short cut“. There are no short cuts on the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way!

“Learn It”
Phase I: 90 Days
Your Finances in Perilous Times On-Line Seminar
“Receive Information You Must

Discover spiritual principles and spiritual applications based on God’s Word.
  • Did you know that the Bible contains about 2300 different “money” verses designed to help you make some, give some, save some, invest some and spend some?
  • During this seminar you will see why Jesus discusses money more than any other subject except love, and why two-thirds of His parables deal with finances.
What can you expect?
  • You are eligible to receive immediate help to deal with a specific financial situation. How? Click here to check out and sigh up for Crisis Financial Coaching: https://www.christianfinancialministries.org/crisis-coaching/).
  • You will begin to discover God’s financial plan for you and your family, and uncover attitudes about money and all the other material “stuff” in your life that may be hurting you spiritually or undermining your marriage and other relationships.
  • You will have some fun, learn some Greek, plus you will see and enjoy tons of word pictures and classic/historic Bible art.
  • You will become involved in scripture memory and learn to see spiritual “financial” warfare and God’s “financial” spiritual armor in ways you have never seen before.
Regardless of your current spiritual or economic situation, this is where you can start to discover how to manage your money (and all the other material areas of your life) according to God’s guidelines–and do it all based on
  • The “Three Questions” God asks YOU as He and you start this Seminar,
  • The two most important biblical financial principles,
  • Six key Bible Verses, and
  • Seven critical spiritual tools.
  • In addition, you and your Small Group Academy Team will enjoy working together via live conference calls to discuss five, “real life” Case Studies to help you grow to be more in touch with God, yourself, others around you, and your finances.
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“Learn It”
Phase II: 90 Days
Your Finances in Perilous Times On-Line Workshop
“Receive Training to Perform”

Bible-based financial principles and practical financial applications. During this follow-on workshop you will have the chance to continue to build on the spiritual principles and applications you discovered in the seminar.

  • First, you are still eligible to receive immediate help to deal with a specific financial situation. How? Click here to check out and sigh up for Crisis Financial Coaching: https://www.christianfinancialministries.org/crisis-coaching/).
  • Second, you’ll build a firm foundation.
    • You’ll take a specially designed financial personality profile so you can get a clear picture of how God has wired you to give, spend, save, and invest the financial resources He brings into you life…and into the lives of those closest to you.
    • In Phase Two you will also see the importance the Bible places on your mind, understand how your mind works, then learn to use your mind to it’s best advantage in the financial decision making process…new and exciting stuff I doubt you’ve seen before.
    • Here you will also understand what it takes to change your financial habits.
    • You will develop and record very specific, personal financial goals by learning to follow a very specific financial goal planning and setting process.
    • You will continue to dig deep into scriptural memory,
    • Work with your Academy Team to and
    • Adapt God’s 7 spiritual tools to your finances.
    • In addition, you and your Small Group Academy Team will continue working together via live conference calls to discuss and ROLE PLAY seven, “real life” Case Studies to help you grow to be more in touch with God, yourself, others around you, and your finances.
  • After you have laid a fantastic foundation, you will then learn a simple, straight forward, step by step process to set up and live on a written spending plan–you will learn how to set up and live on the “b” word…the budget.
    • Let me ask you, have you ever tried to set up and live on a budget? Did you find it fun and successful?
    • Probably not. And that’s probably because I’ve found over the last 25 years working with Larry Burkett, Crown Ministries, Dave Ramsey, and others, I’ve found that it actually takes three different types of budgets to start the budgeting process. Most folks jump right to budget #3 and crash and burn. You’ll learn to start with Budget Number One, move on to Budget Number Two, THEN move to Budget Number Three. You will learn to use all three budgets as tools to help you make prayerful and God-pleasing financial decisions.



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Running for Christ

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“Live It”
Phase III: 90 Days
Personal Financial and Life Coaching
“Receive Mentoring and Coaching to Excel”

Here you can choose to receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching help to further personalize the spiritual and practical biblical financial principles and applications and further refine and adjust your personal financial plans over time.  NOTE: Mentoring and coaching are terms that are thrown together as if to mean the same thing.  However they are very different disciplines.

  • Mentoring: Here you prayerfully learn the value of NOT having to wait to learn through personal experience; instead, you prayerfully learn from the lessons history has already taught an experienced “other”.
  • Coaching: Coaching addresses your performance gap–the difference between what you know and what you do. Here you will develop greater awareness, increased responsibility and greater accountability. As a result you will experience lasting change as you adopt an approach to finances that operates from the inside out as opposed to the outside in–you learn to prayerfully find the “answers” from “withing”.  You and your coach skillfully explore spiritual and financial solutions through intelligent, open and curiosity based questions. 
  • You and your Small Group Academy Team will continue to meet via live conference calls to consider seven more “real life” role playing Case Studies to help you continue to grow to be more in touch with God, yourself, others around you, and your finances–and begin to see what it will be like to help lead others where the Lord is leading you.

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“Lead Others To It”
Phase IV: 90 Days
Christian Financial Coach Certification Program
“Receive Mentoring and Coaching to Learn to Lead Others To It”

This is where you become prepared to help disciple others to prepare and disciple others! You’ll see how it’s possible to prayerfully turn all the Lord has given you in Phases I, II, and III into

  • Either a full-time or part-time ministry
  • You will be certified to serve under the authority of
    • Your local church
    • An independent 501-c-3 non-profit ministry that we will help you to set up
    • The Christian Financial Ministries Leader and Coaching Team
  • You might also qualify to receive Logos University sponsored ministerial credentialing



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