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  • If you and anyone else in your immediate family (living under the same roof) want to be an ACTIVE part of any of the four Academy Phases, then each of you MUST complete and submit a separate Application/Survey.
  • PROCEDURES: Complete the form and click "Submit".
  • If you do not receive a confirmation that your Application/Survey was received within three workdays, please send it again. If you have any questions or problems please email us at
  • Your Application/Survey will be kept strictly confidential. We will not share your information with anyone for any reason.

The APPLICATION/SURVEY starts below. Remember, each ACTIVE family member MUST complete a separate Application.

1.Personal Survey
Please select the ONE set of circumstances that BEST describes your present situation.

2. Briefly describe your life/spiritual journey.
What are some of your life/spiritual hopes and dreams? What do you value most?

3. What do you want--what do you really expect from the Academy?

4. What Academy Phases to you prayerfully expect to complete?

Phase 1: Your Finances in Perilous Times SeminarPhase 2: Your Finances in Perilous Times WorkshopPhase 3: Personal Financial and Life CoachingPhase 4: Academy Coach and/or Leader Certification

5. What is your greatest spiritual need and your greatest financial need right now?

6. Please let us know...

How did you hear about us? (Aidan University, Logos University, Logos Global Network, Social Media, friend, church, etc.)
Name of your Church:

7. Personality Style Inventory

Directions: Rate each line of words from left to right on a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale with 4 being most like you and
1 being least like you. Use each rating only once.

Correct: Commanding Enthusiastic Cordial Detailed

Incorrect: Commanding Enthusiastic Cordial Detailed

Incorrect shows two answers with the same number.

A. Commanding Enthusiastic Cordial Detailed
B. Decisive Expressive Caring Particular
C. Tough-Minded Lively Kind Meticulous
D. Independent Fun-Loving Peaceful Follow Rules
E. Daring Outgoing Understanding High Standards
F. Dominant Promoter Tolerant Prepared
G. Opportunistic Loud Adaptable Precise
H. Confident Inspiring Supportive Logical
I. Self Reliant People Person Patient Conscience
J. Bold Talkative Gentle Analytical
K. Adventurous Popular Even-Paced Organized
L. Take Charge Uninhibited Good Listener Factual
M. Assertive Impulsive Cooperative Accurate
N. Direct Excitable Gracious Efficient
O. Frank Entertaining Accommodating Determined
P. Forceful Playful Agreeable Systematic
8. Please select which month you would like to start your Seminar. Each 2018 Seminar will be limited to 8-10 individuals. We may have multiple Seminars start during the months listed.

Personal Information

First Name:

Last Name:

Middle Initial:



Marital Status:

Complete Mailing Address:

Living in Household:

Hobbies and Interests:

Children: First names and ages:

Best Phone Number to Reach You: Facsimile (if available):
E-mail: Birth Date:
Occupation: Are you currently working?
Employer: How Long: N/A:

Spouse Information

First Name:

Last Name:

Middle Initial :

Birth date:





  • God is calling me to be part of the Financial Freedom God's Way Online Academy. I understand and agree to prayerfully meet all my time, work, PAP and Pray It Forward/Donate It Forward responsibilities. I also understand that I must meet these responsibilities as scheduled in order to remain a part of the Academy.
  • Yes Please check this box to digitally sign this Academy Agreement.

After you click the "Submit" button just below, this page will refresh. If you see "Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again" at either the top or bottom of this Application, please check to make sure you properly completed all the required information fields.

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